How It Works :

We first pick the selection with the fabric. The best way to print on to the garment if its made by 50/50 cotton and polyester.  The next step is the cutting process. We quality check the image to ensure it’s a clean vector file, with the proper cutline. To ensure the product comes out smooth and clean for the finish product but before we transfer the vinyl.

Weeding happens next which is manually removed by our team member which is the process of removing unnecessary parts or negative space.  The Last step will be to transfer the vinyl after the weeding process to the garment. By using an industrial heat press to permanently transfer the vinyl. Our HV Printer is set up to ensure the sharp cut lines and vibrant colors.  With the heat transfer you will get high quality result . This option is best for sport teams, like number printing or names onto a single color design. Also for simple products with high impact design.

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