Embroidery Information

Embroidery refers to the procedure of printing a logo or a design to any fabric with the help of a needle and thread. Nowadays, embroidery is not done with hands; rather a machine is used to do the sewing following the instructions of a digital file. Being an old process of sewing with the help of a needle and a thread, Embroidery works at its best with the artwork and low color count logos. We also offer custom embroidered hats in Anaheim CA.

How do we work?

Once we receive your order, we start to digitize the design after reviewing the artwork provided by you. Digitizing the design means to create a file, which keeps a record of the instructions to stitch your artwork.

After the process of digitization, we send the instructions to the embroidery machine for sewing the design to your product. It usually takes approximately 5000-10000 stitches in creating any design.

Custom Printing Hats

Logo digitizing is considered to be a lengthy procedure, so people prefer to go for embroidery nowadays for bulk orders. EZ Custom Shop is going to make your experience of getting any design altered or sewing designs/logos on a product with their latest embroidery techniques. Also, get in touch with us for getting custom printing hats in California.

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