About Us

EZ Custom Shop was started as a means of providing quality clothing and apparel printing that is durable enough to withstand a variety of uses. Founded by a core group of eager and professional entrepreneurs, EZ Custom Shop sees its customers as its first priority, as the quality, quick turnaround times and friendly service is a testament to the quintessential values of the business.


We seek to add value to our clients – whether our services are for single entities or large corporations. Moreover, we are confident that our product range is capable of adhering to the best quality standards on an international scale. This is only further enhanced by our product development process; we consider creative collaboration to be the way forward, as we work with our clients to expertly craft tailor-made products that suit their every need.

Confidently using a “no-strings-attached” ordering process, we offer a full range of printing services, such as:

* Direct-to-Garment Printing

* Embroidery

* HTV Printing


There is no limit on the type of apparel, nor is there a problem with using any range of color. We cater to the needs of our individual clients; both small and large firms, or anyone seeking the very best apparel printing services!




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